Promoting Economic Democracy
in Oregon
Through Public Banking

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3-Day Symposium
March 23rd-25th, 2023
Willamette University
Salem, Oregon

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Day 1: Demystifying Public Finance

Host: Economics Department, College of Arts & Sciences
1A: Money, Banking, and Everything in Between
           Eric Tymoigne, Associate Professor of Economics, Lewis & Clark College
           Yeva Nersisyan, Associate Professor of Economics, Franklin and Marshall College
           Nathan Tankus, Research Director, Modern Money Network

1B: What Should a Financial System Do?
           Keynote: L. Randall Wray, Teppola Distinguished Visiting Scholar of Economics, Willamette University
           Discussant: Stephanie Kelton, Professor of Economics & Public Policy, Stony Brook University

1C: Public Banks and the Public Fisc: How Can They Work Together?
           Yan Liang, Kremer Chair Professor of Economics, Willamette University
           Josefina Li, Assistant Professor of Economics, Bemidji State University
           Susan Harman, Board Member, Public Bank East Bay
           Julian LaRosa, Executive Director, Equity Economics Lab

Day 2: The Past, Present, and Future of Public Money

Host: Willamette University College of Law
2A: Public Banking in the United States: Historical Lessons for Today
           Keynote: Christine Desan, Leo Gottlieb Professor of Law, Harvard Law School
           Discussant: Nathan Tankus, Research Director, Modern Money Network

2B: Public Finance and the Digital Future
           John Kiff, Research Director, Sovereign Digital Association (SODA)
           John Haskell, Senior Lecturer in Law, Manchester University
           Andrés Arauz, Former Minister of Knowledge & Human Talent, Ecuador
           Sonja Davidovic, Advisor, Bank of International Settlements’ Innovation Hub

2C: Monetary Privacy, Monetary Control: Unresolved Tensions in Public Financial Governance and Regulation
           Keynote: Raúl Carrillo, Associate Research Scholar, Yale Law School
           Discussant: Sharia Mayfield, Lecturer in Law, Willamette University

2D: Public Banking and the Oregon State Constitution
           Introduction: Brian Gallini, Dean of Willamette University College of Law
           Josh Hall, Ph.D., J.D. Candidate (‘24), Willamette University
           Julia Ricciardi, J.D. Candidate (‘24), Willamette University
           Ken Johnson, J.D. Candidate (‘24), Willamette University
           Discussant: Hon. Jack Landau, Former Associate Justice, Oregon Supreme Court

2E: Public Banking for Whom? Taking Stakeholder-Centric Design Seriously
           Tom Sgouros, Fellow, The Policy Lab, Brown University
           Geeta Minocha, Founder & Director, Ohio Public Banking Coalition
           Kelie McWilliams, Director, Rural Engagement Project
           Shawn Sebastian, Rural Initiative Senior Fellow, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

Day 3: Now What? Oregon and the Movement for a Public Bank

Host: Atkinson Graduate School of Management
3A: Learning Through Doing: The Pedagogy and Praxis of Public Monetary and Banking Reform
           Rohan Grey, Assistant Professor of Law, Willamette University
           Cate McAnulty, Board Member, Public Banking Institute
           Benjamin Wilson, Associate Professor of Political Economy, State University of New York at Corland
           Hannah Judson, Executive Director, Modern Money Network

3B: Organizing, Organizations, and Advocacy: Centering Community in Movement-Building Efforts
           David Jette, Legislative Director, California Public Banking Alliance
           Sylvia Chi, Legislative Director, California Public Banking Alliance
           Noah Kemohah, J.D. Student (‘23), University of Tulsa
           James Hicken, President & C.E.O., Legacy Bank, CA

3C: From Here to an Oregon State Bank
           Rep. Mark Gamba, Oregon State Legislative Assembly Representative, District 41
           Sen. Jeff Golden, Oregon State Senator, District 3

3D: Network-Mapping, Coalition-Building, and Problem Solving: Town Hall with the Oregon Public Banking Alliance
           Madeline Merritt, Co-Chair, Oregon Public Banking Alliance
           Nathan Brauer-Rieke, Steering Committee, Oregon Public Banking Alliance
           Kelie McWilliams, Director, Rural Engagement Project

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